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Skull Rock & Temescal Canyon Falls

A journey to never be forgotten!

After my experience with Eagle Rock, I was curious and hungry for more. I was also determined to find the peak of Temescal. I looked into Eagle Rock once again and discovered another gem along the trail, Skull Rock. The pictures were interesting... from some angles, it looked like a skull, and from other angles, not so much. There were several entrance from different trails but Temescal Gateway Park seemed to be the main entrance. I was ready and decided this was my next destination.

Boi, I had no idea the ride I was about to embark on!

🔊Wanna jump right to the video? ➡️ here

Temescal Gateway Park is a beast of its own. This gorgeous, rugged trail with an outstanding view was an uphill battle all the way. I don’t think my fitness level was on par for this but I already started and drove over thirty minutes to the location. I was also incredibly lucky to find the perfect parking spot, turning around wasn’t an option. This is fucking LA!

I puffed and grilled my way up, while trying to maintain some sort of balance for my pov recording. I was also worried about heat stroke as I had thermals underneath (big mistake). I swear it was freezing when I left the house, I keep forgetting some places require no thermal, just your sweat and blood!

Halfway up and I was blown away by the view. By the time I finally reached Skull Rock, I was half dead. I had to climb rocks? Ugh! I did, I had to, I needed to see this rock in person and say hello.

It was a bit of a full house as I went on a weekend. I was blown away as it did look exactly like a skull from a particular angle and a beat-up, alien cone-like head, from a different angle.

Another part looked like fish gills, I am not sure why that’s the image that pops into my head, I didn’t eat many gills as a kid.

It was gorgeous, I was too exhausted to enjoy it up close and personal, I had to continue my trek. I found another mini rock close by and decided to rest a bit and take in the ocean view. Once done, I headed on my next journey to Canyon Falls.

It was a nice, scenic experience getting there. Much shaded with enough trees, greens, and a perfect downward hill. Not much puffing and panting, mostly exhaustion and excitement. By the time I finally arrived, I was relieved, excited, and couldn’t wait to capture the beautiful waterfall.

It was dry, totally dry. There was no waterfall, just rocks, and what could have been. I still captured it.

It was a bit disappointing but the view on the way there and out made up for it. Temescal Gateway Park was truly an experience and does have an incredible view. I truly wish I had no extra layers underneath and went on a weekday with fewer people on the trail. Having people left and right does take away from the experience and interrupts the train of thought process.

I was completely drained when I got home but I was filled with absolute satisfaction. So satisfied, that I immediately decided on my next quest, Temescal Peak.

Join me POV style, as I hike to Skull Rock and Canyon Falls here


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