Hey! So Glad You're Here.

Writing an about me page has to be the most mind numbing thing about me. Quite frankly, I am very simple.

I am a creative artist that enjoys dabbling in a little bit of nothing to create a little bit of everything. Mostly, I dabble in Writing, Visual Storytelling, Video Editing, and Photography.


When I am not creating digitally, I am creating artistically through hair braiding, bead-making (waist, anklet, and chokers) and reworking myself into various selfmusing progression (go figure!).

What else? I love expressing myself freely (pottymouth maybe) via English and Nigerian Pidgin English. I also like to pysch myself into believing I speak a tad bit of Swedish...keyword TADBIT.

So, don't forget to subscribe to hear more fun ramblings from me. I write on anything and everything that comes to me at odd hours of the day. If you'd like to collaborate, please let me know, I don't bite and I just might have a delicacy of some sort that you have never tried.