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  • Edugie

My escape to Costco Business Center.

I went to Costco Business Center yesterday and it felt good, refreshing, soothing, it felt like paradise. Quarantine and not working will do that to you it seems, In addition to everything happening around us like the unjust death of George Floyd due to police brutality, which has led to the BLM (Black Lives Matter) protest to raise awareness of the systematic oppression of minorities, especially the attacks against black...hello systematic world!

I woke up feeling numb yesterday. Today, I woke up with the worst sore spine ever! That’s what sleeping on my back apparently entails. It’s magical how I am now feeling 50% restored...could be the tasteless Basil Rice with Spinach and Buraka dancing spree that just happened, or the Pomegranate Kombucha and Whatsapp chat with my sister about her natural hair, I am not sure. But despite feeling sore, I felt motivated to do something with myself today. Same yesterday.

Yesterday I refused to accept the numbness within me, taking over my physical being. Yesterday I was determined to step out into the terrified world that became incredibly terrifying due to the endless news fed to me from various directions. Yesterday, I basically said fuck you world, who are you to lecture me on how to feel right now? Who are you to impair me with so much fear that I felt threatened to step out my doorstep? Who are you to feel any sort of justification for making me feel small in a world so big? So yes, fuck you and fuck this, I am getting out of bed and I am getting my much needed fresh air.

Off I went, driving through the street, enjoying my Buraka Som Sistema station on Pandora, air conditioner in full effect, It felt good. Getting to the street right by Costco, I slowly drove through numerous tents on the side of the road for the homeless. I felt a strain of intense sadness go through me. There is a pandemic, there is a lot of chaos around us, and these are people that we as a society failed terribly.

Heading into the business center felt like a different world entirely, spaced out, almost empty, it seemed everyone went there for the same reason as me; for the morning walk, for the cool air, the aroma of peace, an escape from current reality.


I walked out heads high, walked laps complete, goods purchased, a whopping $48 consisting of 2 gallons of Milk, A carton of 12 8oz bottles of Kombucha, 3 gallons of Orange juice, and 48oz of greek yoghurt. Yes! My morning was complete. It was a beautiful morning, I thought, as I swiped up to answer the Whatsapp call from my brother, which led to a different vibe for the rest of the day.


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