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The Conclusion Episode 6 and 7

WOW! Just wOw!

So, we made it to the end of the cringe worthy show that shall hopefully never return. I hate to say this, but I am disappointed that my theory of Laurence being some sketchy mastermind, that frames Dave and rescues Ruby back into the puppetry world of happy housewife never comes to past...I mean technically it does, she goes back to her one big happy family, saved by Laurence, at the end of the show.

I am also disappointed that Ruby doesn’t end up having any kinks! Ugh! I longed for a messed up twist of she getting it off with the thought of dead Fiona or Dave in despair...I mean, she sort of got it off to the thought of being fugitives...does that count? I am going to go with it does!

OKAY…… Let’s wrap up the last two episodes. Starting off from the end of episode 5, Ruby and Dave goes back to the farmhouse for her phone. Dave chickens out at the slightest opportunity and Ruby goes to get it herself, obviously irritated. As they head back to the road, words are exchanged, Ruby questions Dave's narrative of Fiona’s death, they both question and judge their decisions and selfish desires, lady period stops by to say hi to Ruby, and eventually they wrap up, deciding Ruby will be in the clear and Dave takes full responsibility of everything.

Laurel Halliday aka The Taxidermist, heads over to the farmhouse to provide food for the owner, Daniel (we never really see or fully identify this character in the show), and discovers the body of Fiona. She calls the cops. The cops are amazed by this discovery as this is far from the norm….their first cherry pop to be honest. Chief Detective Baby Cloud (Tamara Podemski) interrogates/has an entertaining flirty session with Laurel, they eventually head to the bar where Ruby and Dave happen to be having their last drink, and later to Laurel’s home for a nice romp.

Lazy/Strangely cute and entertaining puzzle picks later, Laurel and Det. Baby Cloud (love that name!) realizes Ruby and Dave are on the train to Los Angeles, and head towards the train station. Laurel discovers Fiona’s phone, the last number on the history list dialed, Laurence picks up and then contacts Ruby, advising her to contact the cops.

Horny Ruby and Horny Dave shag endlessly on the train (period shag or magic period disappeared? No judging), and receives the consolation prize of breakfast from the train attendant. She also implies on extra goodies added to provide them some energy recovery from the all night rompa loompa!

Ruby sees this as a possible alibi and romp session continues. Eventually, She requested to view one of Dave’s speech lectures. Dave out of reluctance agrees and hands over the laptop and a pair of headphones to Ruby. Of course Ruby eventually discovers the video of Dave pretty much basing the run adventure as the lead for his next book. Feeling used and betrayed, Ruby hides in the bathroom and contacts the police as advised by Laurence.

Once Dave finally understands what has transpired, the train arrives in Los Angeles. He sees Ruby as she hugs and reconciles with her family. He goes over to profess his love and acceptance of what’s to come, and needs one motivation to keep going on this new unforeseen path; Ruby’s admittance to knowing he loves her.

After staring at each other for what felt like eternity of unspoken love songs and goodbyes, she walks away, with her family, leaving Dave to face his new fate alone.

The End

Or is it?

Please Be! Pleaseeeeee!

So there you have it! The fun fact of RUN is that everyone ended up running. Running from one problem to another, getting cold feet and running back to comfort, running from comfort to new challenges, new relationships, and sadly new endings.

While the show fell flat to the point of hopefully no return, I will acknowledge that the show did bring a lot of issues and errors to surface. Like the infamous popular long standing issue in general media of always killing off a minority first or making them an assistant, the black friend, you get the gist.

It also brought to light that sex does not equate happiness, does not fix any underlying issues, and most certainly isn’t the best therapy to all the running errors in an individual’s life. At the end of the day, you are still back to square one; staring your issues in the face. You can start dealing with them by first acknowledging the problem and accepting your part in it. Ruby gives the hint on resolution with her last line to Laurence. He asked how was his baby girl to which she responded firmly that she is not a baby. You go gurl!

As a society, we are all so quick to run from our problems with the hope of starting afresh in a new town, country, or continent. Sometimes this works but when it involves problems that have to do with one’s growth, confidence, and more, the problem travels with you because it is within you and the only way to start the conquering process is admittance to said problem. Sadly, most of us adults do not have the desire, strength, wisdom, or courage to see and admit to this. Hence a rollercoaster of endless circles of problems.

I truly enjoyed the short lived romance between Laurel and Baby Cloud. As the show came to an end, I left with the satisfying feeling of knowing someone was getting spanked and cuffed that night ;)

I also left with the hope of Ruby finally coming to terms with her fears and tackling her issues. Starting with building her confidence, standing up for herself, and embracing the true fearless, adventure lady hiding within her. Hopefully, she redefines her role in her marriage, they seek serious counseling and build a new way of loving together OR she seeks a new path of companionship.

I am happy Dave came to terms with his issues and accepted responsibility for his actions. I do hope he fully rediscovers himself in prison and becomes a better speaker or writer or perhaps just make a run for it and be the unknown fugitive?! After all, he has the bag of money still intact!

RUN was truly a claustrafuck experience. One that I somewhat lost my patience on but eventually had no regrets watching. Because the truth is, everyone, myself included, wish to have a RUN path sometimes...even if it’s just for a day...Because the toxicity of society is truly a toxicity to human existence.


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