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Stough Canyon Trail

So many things can be said about my love for this place. From the scenic view to the unpredictable heat that follows, I am left breathless, and speechless every time I hike this territory. Although, I have to admit, it wasn’t all fun when I started here. Quite frankly, I stumbled upon this hidden gem out of sheer frustration from getting to a different location for a walk/jog, and discovering it was more public than expected… I am talking literally in the middle of a residential street. Not exactly the cup of tea of someone looking to burn stubborn weight, as she battles with her limited confidence.

So, Stough Canyon! Well, After re-browsing Yelp for what seems like an eternity, I found this place and saw some photos. Then I looked it up via Google Maps, and discovered it was fourteen minutes ahead of my location. Determined, I drove down there not sure what to expect… I was met with zero signal and a very foggy first day. I remember being incredibly hesitant to take the first step out of my vehicle. Eventually, I did, it was eerie but I kept on walking. Considering I had just wrapped up Santa Susana State Park not too long ago, I magically assumed this would be a piece of cake… what a magical surprise it was, when I barely made the first mile of uphill battle. I was hot, cold, and panting like an exhausted cattle. Yes, I have no idea how an exhausted cattle pant!

Fast forward two weeks, and I found myself documenting my hiking escapade through this nature reserve. Basically, there are four main points that people come here for; The View, Old Youth Camp Ground, Picnic Table, and The Radio Towers. There are a few hidden gems in between like the various massive chairs, and the tree of life. It piqued my interest and I was determined to not only work on my endurance, but to also capture the beauty of this place, as I sweat through it. It took me a month of practice back and forth but I finally did it. I hiked the whole reserve and added the extra steep mountains in for extra fun!

The View

The View was magical… no words can describe it as it was truly, a view! I am talking, all the way to downtown, LA. The Picnic Table, not as much but gorgeous as well. Unfortunately, the fire ants were not very welcoming, nor the bees guiding the benches, so I didn’t get to rest here as I wished for.

Picnic Table

With me being the uninvited guest, I made my peace with it, blew a kiss goodbye, and headed off to a steep hike to find one of the massive chairs. It was raining slightly, windy, and holy running nostrils, I was a mess. I loved every bit of it. It had been a while since I found myself outside my comfort zone with catarrh, sandy dirt, and not having the ability to wipe my nose comfortably… oh man! I was disgusting and laughed my way through my frustration. By the time I got to the chair, I had dried up and got blown away by the view. It was a triumphant moment and nothing else mattered at that very point. Not even my aches and throbs, it was pure joy!

Eventually, I had to calm my nerves and come down to earth, I am still an earthling afterall.

My next story escapade will be about the Radio Tower, Old Youth Camp, and the Tree Of Life. Until then, I shall lay on this couch of mine, as I continue to nurse my legs from the last majestic hike, while sipping on some bitter Cocoa!🦵🏾☕️


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