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Point Mugu Trail Run 2022

My Disaster Race

It's been a minute! I am unhappy with how distant I have been on this site but incredibly grateful for all the opportunities thrown my way this year. When I went on a brain recharge towards the end of last year, I didn't expect all the positive changes that have occurred in my life. Truly grateful.

With the new route comes additional responsibilities and less opportunity to train. It feels like a distant memory running Boney Mountain in February, it's been busy. I decided to skip the race in March and signed up for Point Mugu two months ago. While I was incredibly excited to run again, I didn't take the time to do my diligence and practice ahead. Unfortunately, I only had two proper training before race day and they weren't pretty. In fact, there was barely any improvement in training. I knew this was not going to be my best race. It didn't matter, I was just excited to race again.

Well, Race day arrived and it was a rollercoaster. I was late. Proper Late. About 30 minutes late to be honest... It was incredibly embarrassing. This didn't stop me, I made my way to the starting point and headed off to the trail. I was a mess, I had no focus, I let my shame overpower me for the first 30 minutes, and I felt like giving up and just turning around. With almost two miles in, I had barely come across a soul. This was saddening. Eventually, I made my peace with coming last and probably not seeing anyone during the race. I decided to take in my surroundings and do my best to make it to the finish line still. It was sooo beautiful around me, beautiful, breathtaking, I loved every moment of it.

Then, it happened! I saw the first runner, running downhill to the finish while I was still on my way up to the crossing point. I was happy but that dissipated quickly as more runners appeared, all running downhill. Fear engulfed me as I panicked. I feared the whole race will be over by the time I get to the crossing point and back down to the finish line, I also felt ashamed passing each runner and lowered my head to avoid eye contact with anyone. Eventually, I heard "Good job, keep going!" and I looked up and said "Thanks." More followed and suddenly I heard myself share the same sentiment with a runner, running downhill. I felt a little surge of confidence coming through, the breeze on my skin, the motivating spirit overpowering me. The energy and confidence came back in full swing and I raised my head as I picked up the pace!

I found myself at the crossing point and got extra cheers and a high five, as I turned around for the race back down, it felt invigorating. I took my second Clif Gel and started the slow run. Halfway down, I felt my right leg wiggle a bit, This was new... I tried telling myself not to overthink and no time for breaks... big mistake!

The fall came out of nowhere. Rewatching the video, I can't wrap my head on how it happened but was able to hear a little whimper prior. That's when I should have stopped and taken a little break before picking up the pace but I didn't listen to my body and then it happened! I fell facedown, protecting my face with my right arm, getting a nice gush on my elbow, shoulder, and left knee. It was a heavy fall and getting up wasn't pretty either. It was lovely to hear someone's voice a few steps ahead, an older woman came to make sure I was alright. I made it up and followed behind her, eventually gathering enough strength to run ahead, still very thankful.

And finally, there it was! The finish line! It felt like a million years between the aches and heat, I almost gave up but felt the need to push even harder. Having the medal on my neck felt so amazing, I felt like I truly earned it this time, it was an incredible journey from start to finish.

I washed the victory down with beer and tacos at the beer garden, before heading off to the sea to bask in the warm embrace of the ocean.

Until the next one, the Tough Topanga 10K in June... this time, I will be ready!


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