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My First Tunnel Experience.

I had my first tunnel experience and I loved it. It was creepy, weirdly exciting, and a cherry popper for me. Normally, I am familiar with the action packed scenarios in the movies, filled with unlimited chaos as someone screams out to the crowd, “Quick! Through the tunnel!” followed by knowing looks exchanged, and people jam pack their way through the tunnel. Other scenarios include a horror attack in one. I am afraid, mine was far from it. All I got was the unrestrained experience of walking through a tunnel, underneath a railroad, with weird graffitis surrounding it. I have to admit, it was magical.

Why am I walking through a tunnel anyway?! Well, I woke up uncertain of my destination. I needed a quick hike, nothing too strenuous, as my legs were quite achy from the prior hike. Lost in the decision puzzle, I jumped in my vehicle and headed towards Santa Susana State Pass. Upon getting off the freeway, I wondered what laid ahead, past my usual turn. Would it be a shortcut to a hidden parking lot for Rocky Peak, or perhaps another mystery turn to a hidden rock of sorts. I pondered as I drove past my usual turn, into an unknown vicinity. Turns out the said vicinity was Simi Valley, and Santa Susana had an actual park, high school, and breakfast spot… This was new to me!

Filled with curiosity, I parked my vehicle and walked the park, nothing too out of the ordinary, except the rocks overhead. I wanted to get in there but couldn’t figure my way in. I walked down the street and discovered a mini museum. “Wait a minute, Santa Susana has a museum as well?!” I said to myself, as I hopped over in full excitement mode. It was closed, but the displays were enough to fill my excitement cup! There was a railway as well, whaaat!!

Anyway, I still couldn’t figure out how to get to the rocks, I was hungry for a quick climb. I found a biker and asked for directions, I got redirected back to the park. Getting a bit antsy, I asked a couple at the park how to get in, and they pointed to the tunnel. My first reaction was a puzzled look… are they pointing to the tunnel or a magical door I can’t see?

It was the tunnel, I was going in a tunnel, I went in the tunnel.

It felt a bit chilled, quiet, eerie, and weirdly soothing.

I walked into a different world. It’s amazing, the demarcation differences between both world, the park and the trail. I was blown away and couldn’t wait to explore this wonderland in the hot and sunny weather.

I found myself in Rocky Pointe Natural Park. A beautiful nature park, for a quick exploration of nature’s beauty. The rocks were easy to climb, and the view was a bit scenic.

While the heat prevented me from sitting rock high for as long as I needed, the amount spent was more than enough to satisfy my cravings, and give a good workout for the day. It also allowed me enough time to capture as much as possible with my action camera.

At the end of it all, I happily made my way back through the tunnel, filled with nothing but joy, fresh ideology, and a feeling of triumph, as I looked forward to adding another trail in my book of hikes.

Check out my POV hiking video of Rocky Pointe Natural Park here.


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