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  • Edugie

MISSIO released a new song and I am here for it!

Yesterday, Missio released the video for their new song, Wolves. I have watched it 3 times and still have all the sensation and thoughts that flew through me in a circular motion; Irate, Psychedelic, Ecstasy, Sexual, Climatic exploration, Color communication, Powerful, Police brutality, Society absorption of power trip, The world in the hands of the sheep in wolf clothing. Yes, the wolves are truly watching.

Why did I feel all that? I don’t know but it is what it is. This band has been in the scene for a while. Most people know them from the overplayed song on the radio - “Middle Fingers” - but don’t think for one second that they disappeared to the generic platform of music exploration. NO. They went plower trip and serenaded our eardrums with non stop eargasm of talented trips time after time. I am talking “Everybody Gets High” “Can I Exist” “Temple Priest” “I See You” “Dizzy” and now “Wolves”.

I can’t decide if the color symbolism was done on purpose but I appreciate it, I appreciate it a lot. It was eyegasm to my eyeballs and the eargasm to my ears to perform a full bodygasm. My apologies Missio, you truly know how to provide an escape occasionally in times needed and I appreciate you dearly for that. I look forward to your next blessing!

So what’s the song about? The wolves in sheep's clothing waiting for the perfect moment to pounce on our precious souls, The necessary steps needed to escape occasional reality, selling your hearts out for whatever gain may come or consequences, how easily we let our world be controlled, injustice, the breakdown process of conforming to dictated norm, Unity in absence, Unity in match, Unity waiting to exhale, man I don’t even know anymore. It’s past midnight, I have played “The Last Of Us ll” for 9 hours straight, and I can’t feel my back. I am allowed to not think straight but process my thoughts as it comes in this writing. Don’t even get me started on the voice and beats, oh my ears :)

Interpret as you may. I believe the song lyrics and video left an open ground for conclusions and opinions.

Even in quarantine, wolves have the ability to still dictate unfairly to the benefit of self centered self, with the sacrifice of the sheeps and lambs waiting to be manipulated and directed.

Wolves is a beautiful masterpiece, once again, from an incredibly talented band that I selfishly wish not everyone comes to discover, but understand they deserve to be heard by everyone!

Thank you Missio, thank you.


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