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  • Edugie

Journey Through Las Llajas Canyon Trail

A Hidden Gem In Simi Valley.

Another random search in the valley of where to hike led me to this not-so-hidden gem of Simi Valley, Las Llajas. I found several blogs about it, but no Yelp reviews. After hiking this trail, a part of me was truly glad there was no review on Yelp about this gem, the other part of me was so stunned about this and decided to leave a nice review.

The entrance gives the impression of an open space that will eventually be encountered however, this is a trail that leads to many spread out trails for exploration. Heading left leads to a different part with a lot of private properties, heading right leads to the trail, an open space, and more trails. Staying on track leads to a full circle, similar to that of Marvin Braude but with a much more pleasant view and path.

Of course, a beautiful experience won't be complete without a mishap. This time, I managed to slip and fall pretty hard, earning my official first cut on the trail, I am enjoying my scar of victory as I type this.💪🏾💪🏾

I truly enjoyed the peacefulness of this trail. It was perfect for walking, running, falling, smiling, and just enjoying several moments of stillness in nature. A good getaway for a few hours of reflection...just make sure to do that before the sun comes out, there are barely any shades out there.

There's only so much serenity that can be captured but I do hope this video gives a nice glimpse into the beauty of Las Llajas. I definitely look forward to going back for further exploration in due time.


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