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Cathedral Rock

Video Link Below! 👇🏾

Cathedral Rock… The funny thing about this hike was my unintentional discovery of said rock. I had completed the Stough Canyon trail and needed a new starting point. I had once visited Marvin Braude Gateway park while scouting locations for my stock videos. Although the content came out unsatisfactory, I told myself I had to come back for a proper exploration.

My first day of hiking ended up being a destination to nowhere. I just kept walking and walking until my feet burned endlessly. I foolishly decided to jog on loose gravel ground with said sore feet and aching knees, the result was three days of bed rest and a hoppa doodoo fourth day of walking.

Moral lesson - Listen to your body and don’t be faster than your shadow.

When I returned to the trail, I decided to be a bit more organized with my hike, especially if I intended to produce content in the process. So, I hiked to the sign and chose the Hub Junction. I wasn’t sure what was at the said junction but I was curious to find out. It seemed like an endless trek and the excruciating sun wasn’t helping matters. I also had my Akaso V50X action camera strapped and capturing the view, what I didn’t expect was the battery to die out at my first glance of the interesting rock ahead. Did I mention both batteries died out? I furiously turned around and walked back to my starting point.

My next return was a repetition of the first process with an exception, I had my camera turned off until I reached the prior dead-end. With my camera turned on and ready for action, I trekked my way up to the Hub Junction. It was a nice little resting spot with a map of the rocks, and various peaks, including Temescal Peak (which I will eventually conquer.)

With two junctions leading towards Eagle Rock, I decided to continue to the rock ahead of me, now known as Cathedral Rock. I had seen it from a distance and was curious due to the outline of it. It stood out and needed my exploration. Upon getting closer, I was blown away at the different layers and formations. It's hard to explain, for once, I am happy to have a camera to show what I see, it was a masterpiece of its own.

My curiosity got the best of me and my adrenaline kicked in with full effect, I was ready for more exploration and decided to head in. Words can’t describe the feeling of standing on those rocks and taking in all of the valleys in hindsight. I no longer felt the burn of the sun, just the airy silence, and chips of the birds, welcoming me to their escape from reality.

Join me POV style, on a sunny virtual experience of Cathedral Rock here

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